Scholership and Freeships

Scholarships and Freeships

Scholarships/Awards/Freeships :

There are large number of scholarships and Freeships available for needy and deserving students. Students/parents may contact the designated counter in the college office or the Chairperson of the Scholarship Committee for further information.

A)Government Scholarship :

  1. Govt. Open merit Scholarship
  2. National Merit Scholarship
  3. National Talent Search Scholarship
  4. Financial aid to Scholars
  5. National Loan Scholarship
  6. S.C.B.C. Students Scholarship
  7. E.B.C.Scholarship
  8. S.T.Students Scholarship
  9. P.T.W.; S.T.W. Scholarship
  10. SC/ST (income less than 1 Lac)
  11. NT/SBC/OBC Students Scholarship (income less than Rs. 65290 p.a.)

B) Government Free-ship :

  1. E.B.C.Freeship
  2. SC/ST (income more than 1 Lac)
  3. NT/SBC Student Freeship (income greater than Rs. 65290 p.a.)
  4. S.T.StudentFreeship
  5. P.T.W. Freeship (Provisional)
  6. S.T.W.Freeship